“Clarity of space brings clarity of mind.”
—Cheryl Hughes

Frequently Asked Questions —

How can I stay organized after you leave?

It will take your commitment to spend 10-15 minutes every day sorting, picking up and putting away. This will help you stay on top of the stuff before it becomes a burden for you.

Will I have to buy a lot of organizing gadgets?

No. My passion is reducing our impact on the Earth. So, I will use things you already have, I find items on craigslist for free or reasonably priced items and I often have resources given to me by clients.

My parents need to move to independent living and I work fulltime so I can only help them on weekends. They are unsure about a stranger coming into their house, and don’t want to be hurried in this process.

I always spend a complimentary consultation with my clients and seniors may need a second visit (before I start.) I work quietly and calmly alongside the client or independently and understand seniors may have special considerations.

I moved 2 months ago and I have unopened boxes all over. Can you help me?

Yes, I’ll help you complete the unpacking or I will do the unpacking and put things away with like items. If desired, I can organize your cupboards, drawers and closets to maximize the use of your space.

My great Aunt Mary recently died and left the contents of her house and the house to me. I don’t want the house and I have no idea how or where to begin.

We will start with the complimentary consultation. I will be able to answer your questions or find answers and offer suggestions for your particular situation. Allow Me can help you with every phase of this project. We can help you declutter and organize; redistribute items to family members, donation or give away. We can help you sell items on craigslist, EBay or/and find an expert Estate Sale company or assist you with a garage sale. Finally, Allow Me can stage the property to ensure a faster and higher price sale.

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