“Cheryl served as field marshal, strategic planner, transport manager, and, above all, friend.”
—Susie Zacharias

Susie Zacharias, San Diego CA —

Let me tell you how Cheryl Hughes picked me up, dusted me off, and got me back into the land of the living.

In June 2009, my health was failing and I faced the impossible job of packing up and selling the house I’d lived in for 35 years. Recommended by a friend, Cheryl came into my life and enabled me to get on with what had to be done. With Cheryl at my side—and often, leagues ahead of me—we ploughed through 2500 square feet of living and the clutter that came with those 35 years. Working day in and day out with hardly a moment’s rest, Cheryl served as field marshal, strategic planner, transport manager, and, above all, friend.

In about two months of working together, we had the house ready for sale, with the useless stuff magically gone and the essentials packed and ready to move. Thanks to Cheryl, the house looked great when it went on the market, and—amazingly, with the economy at the trough of recession—it sold the first day it was listed.

Now, just a few months after I met Cheryl, I’m settled in a new home and living with my daughter. Only problem: I miss the magician.

Peggy Walkush, Realtor

Allow Me Solutions has helped several of my clients. Most recently, their affordable, tasteful staging revived an otherwise "stale" listing and we received an offer within a month of staging. I'm convinced staging helps a property sell more quickly and typically for a higher price than unstaged properties. Allow Me Solutions does a great job in my experience!

Peggy Walkush, Realtor
619/814-3429 (Office), 619/549-9441 (Mobile), DRE #:01480578
Ascent Real Estate, 2900 North Park Way, San Diego, CA 92104

Wendy McGuire / Ganosh Gourmet

When I moved from my home of 16 years to a smaller residence, I hit an emotional and physical block. Cheryl was not only a consummate professional, she was kind and understanding and just what I needed to get unpacked, organized in a smaller space, a feeling like I was in a functional home again. No detail was too small for her to take care of, from finding furniture, to shredding, to donating, to listing sale items on Craig's List. You know how people ask if you would recommend someone to your mother? Well, I did. I would recommend Cheryl without hesitation for any space planning, moving, re-organizing or other services.

Katie Hafner / Author and Journalist

Cheryl Hughes is one of a kind. Not only is she the best organizer/downsizer/declutter expert I have ever encountered, but she is breathtakingly effective. When she worked with me to help me pack, unpack, move, organize and cull my belongings, she wasn't merely helpful, but she held my hand through the entire burdensome process. She's equal parts psychologist, strategist, and magician.

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